SkillSetz pulls Payment Intents data directly from Stripe by stripe_customer_id of Service Buyer

To a greater extent, the payment object on Stripe side is described in the following doc -


Stripe Field
  id varchar Payment ID Stripe unique identifier for Payment
invoice_number   int   Unique identifier of related SkillSetz invoice
amount   varchar Formatted decimal amount with currency Payment amount to show to the Service Buyer in Payments listing
fullAmount amount int Initial full integer amount in cents Non-formatted payment amount in cents 
currency currency varchar Currency code  
date created formatted date/timestamp Formatted date in SkillSetz API output/timestamp in Stripe API Appears in Transfers listing
payee   varchar   Service Buyer who paid the transferred amount, appears in Transfers listing
payee_url   varchar   Service Buyer business profile URL (if applicable) who paid the transferred amount, appears in Transfers listing
status status varchar

Status of this PaymentIntent, one of requires_payment_methodrequires_confirmation
requires_actionprocessingrequires_capturecanceled, or succeeded.


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