SkillSetz pulls Payouts data directly from Stripe by stripe_account_id of Service Provider


Stripe Field
  id varchar Payout ID Stripe unique identifier for Payout
amount   varchar Formatted decimal amount with currency Payout amount to show to the Service Provider in Transfers listing
fullAmount amount int Initial full integer amount in cents Not formatted payout amount in cents 
currency currency varchar Currency code  
initiated created formatted date/timestamp Formatted date in SkillSetz API output/timestamp in Stripe API Date when the payout was created, appears in Payouts listing
est_arrival arrival_date formatted date/timestamp Formatted date in SkillSetz API output/timestamp in Stripe API Estimated date when the payout settles on the destination back account/credit card, appears in Payouts listing
payee   varchar   Receiver of the payout, appears in Payouts listing
account   varchar   Bank name/credit card, appears in Payouts listing
last4   int   Last 4 digits of the payout destination bank account number/credit card number, appears in Payouts listing
status status varchar Current status of the payout: paidpendingin_transitcanceled or failed. A payout is pending until it is submitted to the bank, when it becomes in_transit. The status then changes to paid if the transaction goes through, or to failed or canceled (within 5 business days). Some failed payouts may initially show as paid but then change to failed
  destination varchar Bank account ID/Card ID Destination account/card for the payout
  method varchar 'standard' or 'instant' Instant payouts are available for debit card destinations
  type varchar 'card' or 'bank_acount' Type of destination - credit card or bank account
  balance_transaction varchar Transaction ID Relation to the transaction that impacts Connected Account balance

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