Workflow Template

Workflow Summary

Workflow Group ID TBD - Numerical Alias for referring and tagging
Workflow Group Name TBD - Field Name for referring and tagging
Workflow ID TBD - Numerical Alias for referring and tagging
Workflow Name Enter a name for this workflow
Workflow Type Define by Linear or Nonlinear (See Workflow Types)
Workflow Sequences Define by Serial, Parallel, or Hybrid (See Workflow Sequences)
Workflow Approval Summary From a business perspective, please briefly describe the conditions and approvals needed for this workflow to be complete.


Workflow Goal

Please describe the business value that results from the execution of this workflow and the business goals you want to achieve.



Workflow Actors

Please list the personas and systems that either affect or are affected by, the execution of the workflow.

Buyer Persona
Talent Persona
SkillSetz Admin Persona
Technology System


Workflow Trigger

Please define the trigger that initiates this workflow? 

Trigger Name

  It’s often a request or submission that needs to assign and notify all Workflow Actors and prompt them for all subsequent actions.


Workflow Execution

Using the text hints provided, please provide the below definitions as simply and as clearly as possible. 

Workflow Components



What are the resources or information needed to initiate or complete the different steps of the workflow?


How will this input be received and what will be done to it once it’s received? 


What is the product of the transformation that will act as the input for the next step in the workflow?


Who are the people and/or systems that are tasked with advancing or completing the workflow?


What are the tasks or business processes performed during this workflow?


What are the basic states of each activity that illustrates where it is in the workflow process?

Approval Conditions

What is the criteria used to approve or reject an input by an Actor?


Does this component refer to the outcome or output of the executed workflow? 
Submission Where does this result need to be submitted in order to complete and change state accordingly?
Time What amount of time should this workflow take?  (Other time-related aspects, like schedule, frequency, time-zones consideration, etc.?)



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