SkillSetz Appendix G – PCI ENVIRONMENT Description

This section defines the scope of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) within the SkillSetz network environment. All the policies and procedures within this document must be followed within the cardholder environment to maintain compliance with the PCI DSS. Any deviation may put SkillSetz in a dangerous position by weakening the security posture of the different systems and making the organization liable to fines. 


G.1  Description of Cardholder Environment  

Cardholder data is entered into SkillSetz’s network environment via the front-end of the SkillSetz platform. All cardholder data is sent to the payment gateway for processing via a secure connection. However, cardholder data is not sent to SkillSetz’s servers, it is sent via a secure connection directly from the user’s browser to the payment gateway servers. Essentially, no cardholder data is transmitted or stored in SkillSetz’s network.


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