SkillSetz Appendix D – Key Custodianship Form

SkillSetz Encryption Key Custodianship Form

Key custodians are those person(s) delegated the responsibility of managing, handling, and protecting access to production environments. Custodians are responsible for the confidentiality and integrity of key components in their custody. In particular, the custodian has the responsibility to:

  • Implement all authorization key, server access and Magento admin access controls as specified by the DevOps Team and documented in information security policies and procedures.
  • Provide safeguards for authorization keys, server access, and Magento admin during loading and storage.
  • Administer access to the authorization keys, server access, and Magento admin, and make provisions for timely detection, reporting, and analysis of unauthorized attempts to gain access to that.
  • Participation in the authorization key and access disposal process. 


By signing this form I acknowledge that I understand and accept my responsibilities as Key Custodian.



_____________________________________________            ______________________________

Key Custodian Signature                                                            Date




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