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In addition to individual Service Provider profiles and Business (firm) profiles, many users of the platform choose to take advantage of a Service Profile option we offer. The Service Profile outlines a specific packaged project or service a Service Provider can perform for Service Buyers. The service profile outlines key information like scope, business requirements, and line-item costs associated with the project. Service profiles can also be immediately converted into projects, because they have prewritten specs and work orders. 

To create a service profile, select Service Profile from the lefthand menu.



Step 1: Write a short headline and add your firm logo instead of a head shot. 



Step 2: Write an overview of the service solution you wish to provide. This overview will answer key questions about the service (what does it include, why should someone purchase this service, what kinds of businesses or leaders need this service) as well as key steps or benchmarks of the project itself. You are making your case to readers in this paragraph, so include those details that will interest and intrigue potential business suitor. 



Step 3: Fill in scope and business requirements for the service. This helps both buyers and providers understand exactly what is included in the service as listed. If a buyer wants to include a step or service that is not included in the original service profile, the parties must agree to these changes to scope via the platform for the protection and satisfaction of both parties.



Set price for the in-scope service. Service Profiles typically use a unit of measure of "Each" and a quantity of 1 to signify the all-inclusive program being offered. 


Step 4: Potential clients want to understand at a glance what business function, industries, and geographies your firm spans. Use the classifications menu to make it easier for people to find you. 



Step 5: Potential clients also want to know the work parameters and preferences. This next menu allows you to share your billing preference (time, engagement, fixed) and engagement preference (onsite, remote only, hybrid). 


The last 2 pieces of your Service profile includes proof of your compliance and peer reviews. 

Save your changes as you go and your service profile will build itself. 

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