Project Opportunity

If you have a project that needs to get done but haven't identified the right Service Provider yet, this is the perfect time to create an opportunity for in-network service providers to apply for.

Click "Create an opportunity" on your dashboard to get started.

You will enter the Project Settings page. 



Step 1: Fill in the overview information which includes critical information like project name, description, budget, timelines, and the estimated award date. Select Apply to save the information; if you need to edit the project overview, you can return via the Edit button at any time. 



Step 2: Classify the project according to business function, industry, and geography. 



Step 3: Set the parameters of the project, including start date, end date, billing type, and engagement model. Click Apply to save the information; if you need to edit these parameters you can return via the Edit button at any time. 



Step 4: Identify the Scope of Work. Attach any project documentation that the service provider will require to be successful. Outline any business requirements necessary. Delineate any service order items required (deliverable, milestone, resource, service) and assign monetary value tied to each item as appropriate. 



When you have completed these steps, click Publish. Your completed opportunity will look like this: 



Interested parties can find your project on the opportunity board. When they drill in to learn more, they can ask you a question or express interest. Service providers who respond will be listed at the bottom of your opportunity screen, allowing you to sort and screen. 


Service buyers can search for service providers and ask them to apply for any project opportunity.

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