Professional Profile

To create a professional profile, select My Profile from the lefthand menu.

Step 1: Write a headline and add a profile picture. This step helps you stand out in the Marketplace and allows project leaders to find you. Research shows that profiles with good head shots garner greater attention than those without. 


Step 2: Enter a short description of your business. There are two boxes in this field. The first is a short headline-type description that will appear near your profile name. The second allows you to provide the reader with more details about specializations, accreditations, and services you provide. 


Step 3: Upload any assets that will help readers understand your story. Successful profiles include business cases, white papers, and similar authoritative digital assets that provide evidence of your skills and experiences.


Step 4: Potential clients want to understand at a glance what business function, industries, and geographies you work in. Use the classifications menu to make it easier for people to find you. 


Step 5: Potential clients also want to know the work parameters and preferences. This next menu allows you to share your billing preference (time, engagement, fixed), engagement (onsite, remote only, hybrid), and your rates.


Save your changes as you go along and your professional profile will build itself. 


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