General Standards of Conduct

MBO Direct is committed to maintaining and promoting a professional workspace and community where all Members and Users feel welcomed, represented, and respected. Because of this commitment, any behavior we deem to be unprofessional, abusive, offensive, or otherwise not conducive to a harmonious workplace may result in any Member/User/Visitor having his/her/their account suspended, revoked, or permanently disabled.

We expect all of our Users and Members to act in good faith when advertising, negotiating, dealing with, and otherwise communicating on and through our site. Our Users and Members may not post misleading or incorrect information, including posting fake names, locations, identification, qualifications, experience, education, and skills, among other things. 

If we discover you are engaging in a manner that is misleading or might lead to others being misled, MBO Direct retains the right to cancel your Membership and access to our Services. In addition, we expect our Users and Members to engage with one another in a respectful and professional manner. All Users and Members are expressly prohibited from engaging in any behavior that is unprofessional, misogynistic, sexist, racist, demeaning, or otherwise abusive. At our sole discretion, we will revoke your Membership and access to our Services if we find that you have engaged in a manner that is inconsistent with the community we are fostering and promoting through our platform.

We also require our Users and Members to provide ethical and legal services through the platform. If we discover that any unethical or potentially illegal services are being offered, we will revoke that Member’s access to the platform going forward.  

If you have questions about these standards, please email us. If you believe another member of the community is acting in an unethical or abusive manner, please report your concern here

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