Integrity is a core value at SkillSetz. Our users understand that they may not contact other users outside the platform unless they have signed a Work Order and are working together on a project. Users cannot ask for additional work or relay information about an available project or opportunity outside the SkillSetz platform. Users also cannot share job listings nor can they perform services advertised on our site for other members of the platform unless it is done through SkillSetz.

The SkillSetz non-solicitation policy insures fairness to all parties, including SkillSetz itself. We have developed this platform and business model carefully, to bring individuals and businesses together who might otherwise never meet. Our financial health is directly tied to the fidelity of users to the policy. Without this policy in place, SkillSetz would be unable to simplify and streamline core business challenges for both Service Providers and Service Buyers. 

Any member who violates the non-solicitation policy will be immediately suspended from the SkillSetz platform pending review. 

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