Verification and Screening

All users who register an account with SkillSetz are subject to verification and screening. We validate and verify accounts through third-party databases as well as a least one official government or legal documentation that verifies identity, location, and your ability to work on behalf of your business on SkillSetz. Verification and screening is a required step in the onboarding process and will never be skipped. 

When requested, users of the site must timely provide us with complete information about themselves and their business(es). During the verification timeline, some Account features may be limited. Once the process is complete all account features will be restored.

Verification and screening is a required step in the SkillSetz onboarding process and will never be skipped. Accounts will continue to be monitored to ensure the ongoing eligibility to work and/or to hire.  Any suspected violation and/or failure to properly verify your account will result in SkillSetz suspending or revoking the User’s profile. As necessary we may also contact other Users to inform them of any issues concerning the authenticity and/or identity of any other User. 

Our goal is to have a streamlined marketplace for buyers and sellers alike; if you are asked for verification documentation, please respond quickly so there will be minimal disruption to your profile or project plans. 

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