Business Model

MBO Direct was designed and built to support any business customer - from a self-employed knowledge worker to a Fortune 500 CFO. In order to support that entire spectrum, we offer two different options for our business customers to chose from depending on which solution makes the most sense for their business.

MBO Direct
MBO Direct is free to use for any business buyers. Our Knowledge Workers pay service fees on successfully executed work order payments. Registration is free for all users and MBO Direct earns a platform fee on successfully paid projects; our fees are deducted directly from the Knowledge Worker payouts.  We only win if everyone wins.
MBO Enterprise
Our Enterprise offering is our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription agreement that is best suited for enterprise customers that manage and/or spend more than $500,000 per year on professional services for their businesses. Enterprise is a private-label, private-cloud, B2B commerce platform that plugs and plays with Enterprise Procurement and ERP systems at scale.
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