Intended Benefits

MBO Direct is intended to reimagine the Professional Services industry by empowering business and knowledge workers to collaborate with each other on business projects in a safe, secure, and enjoyable experience. Service Buyers that are searching for specifically skilled resources to assist with project-based work and the Service Providers that offer those services.

Business buyers benefit from a user-friendly eCommerce MarketPlace destination that contains high quality, pre-screened, and fully compliant Knowledge Workers on a platform that is optimized for search, navigation, as well as work order approvals and payment management. This makes searching for specifically skilled resources to assist with a specific project quick and painless. 

MBO Direct is intended to benefit Knowledge Workers (firms) by providing a platform to highlight, showcase, and market their unique capabilities and service offerings in a way that results in meaningful, revenue earning project-based opportunities. This helps our Knowledge Workers digitally transform their practice areas while increasing visibility where it matters.

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