Knowledge Worker Platform Benefits

Why would a Knowledge Worker choose to contract through SkillSetz versus being out on their own?

SkillSetz is a powerful, SEO-optimized, cloud-enabled storefront that digitally transforms their services practice, creates new sales channels and opportunities, while eliminating your operating costs.

SkillSetz helps Knowledge workers by:

  1. Extending their reach beyond the warm market. Workers who struggle with business development (finding new clients) and work via friendly referrals report reaching businesses and industries they've never explored while building out their CVs.
  2. Managing scope creep. Clients routinely change up project parameters. With SkillSetz, Knowledge Workers can manage all project communication all in one place. We are a repository for all things that have been mutually agreed upon, and abide by the same Platform User Agreement. 
  3. Managing accounts receivable through our integration with Stripe Connect. 

Knowledge Workers may continue pursue their own opportunities as well as contracting for projects through SkillSetz.

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