Engagement Types

Knowledge Workers and Service Buyers may agree to three distinct engagement types - onsite only, remote only, or hybrid. 

  • Onsite Work Only - Most of our clients choose this option when the parties involved expect a  lot of in-person collaboration and when the performance of the work order and its deliverables need to happen with the Provider onsite with the Buyer. The onsite location can also be set to an office environment (for example a smaller satellite office of the firm the Buyer works for), even if the project personnel are located elsewhere. 
  • Remote Work Only - Our clients who work in disparate geographical locations or who have a well-established system for remote work often choose the Remote Work Only option. In this case, the Provider can be anywhere (home-based or other office location unrelated to the Buyer.) This is also the most popular engagement option in the wake of Covid-19. 
  • Hybrid Model (Onsite + Remote) - Parties can agree to a hybrid model, where the Knowledge Worker will remotely sometimes and will be onsite at other times. This is often tied to the nature of the deliverables (for example a large presentation) or to the nature of the project (for example where inputs from onsite staff is important to the overall success of the project. Provider travel to/from a designated location must be negotiated and agreed upon as part of the scope of work. 
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