Platform Communications

SkillSetz Users and Members must use the platform's communication tools BEFORE entering into an agreement without exception. This includes introductions, project scope, fees, and special provisions that are being discussed prior to the formal work order is made.

Before entering into a work order, users may NOT provide direct contact information (such as phone, email, whatsapp, social media accounts, etc) to other members in an attempt to circumvent the system, nor may they ask another member to do so. Anyone who violates the communication policy will be in material breach of contract and will be ineligible to participate in projects through SkillSetz. 

AFTER a work order has been executed, SkillSetz members can and should communicate through preferred means as established between the parties. Conversations about project status, deliverables, and other general matters regarding the project are at the discretion of the parties involved. Conversations that include material changes, amendments, or variances to the original Work Order must be communicated through the site.  

Communicating through the SkillSetz platform prior to an agreement protects our Users and allows us to manage the experience for each of our Users fairly. SkillSetz relies on its users to communicate through the site so that, among other reasons, we can easily audit and help resolve any disputes between users that may arise. 

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