SkillSetz at a Glance

SkillSetz is a cloud-based B2B MarketPlace Platform designed to simplify how businesses and knowledge workers find, engage, and structure Work Orders with each other on project-based services opportunities.  

Our clients enjoy a secure, transparent, and auditable contracting process that protects both sides in the engagement. Service Buyers gain wider access to Service Providers for the projects they need completed. Projects can be as big or as small as the Buyer chooses. Likewise, Service Providers can present themselves with depth and presence not typically found on networking sites.

Platform users have the unique opportunity to vet other users, review professional credentials and experience, and engage directly with fellow users to reach an amenable Work Order for any given project. SkillSetz provides templated agreements, modes of communication, and a collaborative community of professionals who seek to further shared business interests.

SkillSetz removes the complexities of a typically complicated process, getting work done by the right people for the right people faster and better than ever before. The entire process is simplified, managed, and automated through SkillSetz, mitigating risk for all parties.

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